Inner West Council local business support
Council recognises that small businesses are the backbone of the Inner West economy and community.
Council is determined to support small businesses during this difficult time as they struggle to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak.
Council’s has developed comprehensive measures of support for local business.
Rates relief for property owners
Businesses suffering financial hardship are urged to apply to Council for rates relief, such as tailored payment plans.
To apply, please email Council’s Chief Executive Officer:
Council is proposing a three-tier framework in order to assess the requests for rates relief:
  • Category 1: The business is unable to trade as a result of a Council, State Government or Federal Government enforced closure relating to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak
  • Category 2: Clear evidence that the business is adversely affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak
  • Category 3: There is negligible impact
Promoting local food businesses
Council has established a list of food businesses that are open for takeaway or delivery, and a social media campaign encouraging residents to support their local restaurants and cafes. Food businesses are encouraged to submit their listing.   
Rent relief for Council tenants
Council is already in contact with its tenants, to ascertain if they are suffering financial hardship and to discuss their individual circumstances.
Fee waivers
Council is currently exploring a package of fee waivers for small businesses that may be seeking development approvals or permits. More information to come.
Parking enforcement
Council’s parking officers will prioritise public safety issues over other enforcement activity until further notice.
Actions Council already had in place to support small business include:
  • Main Street parking meters in Leichhardt, Rozelle and Balmain shopping strips turned off after 7pm to help the night-time economy
  • Abolishing outdoor dining fees, saving local businesses $1.5 million over three years
  • Holding regular business forums, events, workshops and mentoring programs