Changes made under State Environmental Planning Policy No. 64 – Advertising and Signage (Amendment No 3) (SEPP 64) in relation to parked trailer advertisements commenced from Thursday 1 March 2018.

SEPP 64 sets out planning controls for advertising and signage in NSW. Changes in relation to parked trailer advertisements include:

  • Bans advertisements on parked trailers on roads, road shoulders, footpaths and nature strips, excluding advertising associated with the primary use of the trailer, eg tradesman’s trailer, and public authorities
  • Requires consent for displaying signage on trailers parked on land in view from roads, road shoulders, footpaths and nature strips

The change to planning controls apply to parked advertising trailers only, they do not apply to other vehicles such as cars, utes or trucks.

What are the penalties for parked trailer advertisements?

The changes introduce $1500 fines for individuals and $3000 for businesses who advertise on trailers parked on roads, footpaths, nature strips and road shoulders, or where trailer advertising is displayed on private land without development consent. Council will issue the fines. The new penalty notice offences have been introduced through the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation (Penalty Notices for Parked Trailer Advertisements) Regulation 2017.

Why have these changes occurred?

The changes to planning rules for outdoor advertising and signage will improve road safety and reduce driver distractions. During consultation, safety and amenity concerns (visual impacts and use of the road) were raised about roadside advertising trailers blocking motorists’ vision and distracting drivers. By reducing the types of roadside trailer advertising currently on our roads we’ll minimise risks to drivers.

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